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In its first decade in business, Gator Cases, Inc. has rapidly become one of the case and bag category's leaders. This is based largely on Gator's ability to make a broad and affordable solutions based product line. With its acquisition of XL Specialty in late 2008, Gator brought some of its production to U.S. soil and in doing so dramatically augmented the company's technical capabilities and manufacturing capacity.

Headquartered near Tampa, Florida, Gator Cases is owned and managed by the father/daughter team of Jerry Freed and Crystal Morris. Freed's long music industry history includes successfully developing many top brands during the 80s and 90s and more than two decades of experience in case manufacturing. He was among the pioneers of offshore sourcing, refining production resources first in Japan, then Korea, and eventually China.

While designing comprehensive instrument case and bag lines with attractive price points, Gator is now focusing on bring a more rounded product line to the professional AV market through Starin. Product include display & projector cases, metal equipment racks and rackmount accessories.
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